I am Jayare Gallegos, President of Zobie Productions.


Zobie Productions provides Autograph Mail-in and Pre-Order services to events all over the world. We work with promoters and agencies in order to coordinate private and public signings allowing collectors to obtain their grail autograph memorabilia. We also create monthly themed mystery boxes in POP Culture, Horror films, Anime, Wrestling and Animation. Below is the story of Zobie.

Before Zobie Productions

Prior to creating Zobie Productions, I worked as a Cyber Security professional in the IT Security industry for over ten years. In short: I’ve always been a nerd at heart.

So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the root of Zobie really began here - back then, I used to tell my co-workers I would be attending comic conventions, and many of them would ask me to grab gifts for themselves or their family members.

And I didn’t mind, either.

But even before those Cyber Security days, I’d loved going to local concert venues and wrestling shows ever since I was a child. After all, the goal back when you’re an eager kid is just to meet your favorite band members or singer, or your favorite wrestlers. To me, those people were heroes, like any normal child.

Yet meeting and seeing them in person was especially poignant for little Jayare, since those people represented something genuinely positive in life. Because while I might’ve grown up in a broken home, I was able to escape the real world and all its problems anytime I sat down to watch wrestling or listen to those bands play.

They were the root of my happiness, which laid the seeds for Zobie’s creation.


What Autographs Mean to Me

Being able to meet my heroes as a kid was a dream come true, but it was my Uncle Rick that kindled my collectible habits when I was around thirteen. My Uncle was a collector and taught me much of what I know, like how to make trades and sell collectibles at small shops across the Rio Grande Valley. So, if anyone’s to blame for my long-lasting love, and my wallet’s long-lasting hate, for this business, it’s Uncle Rick.

But what is it that makes autographs so special to me in particular?

Autographs remind me of the glory days - they represent the character and show, or the person them self. But more than that, they represent the good times and memories I remember from growing up. Simply put: they make me happy. And just like how everyone has music they love, I feel like everyone collects what makes them happy.

I worked with other dealers in the past to try and create something. But no matter who I collaborated with, I knew in my heart they never wanted it as much as I did. I realized my passion for collecting went so much deeper. Zobie was born due to that.

The First Autograph

My first autograph signing was with the legendary Giancarlo Esposito, an actor and director with a lot of credits under his name like Gustavo “Gus” Fring from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, or his most recent character, Moff Gideon in The Mandalorian. After speaking to him multiple times at a convention, we agreed to a piece count and a price - and the rest is history. He’s stayed in touch to this very day, and has always been someone I enjoy working with. Plus, I absolutely loved his character, Gus.

The Spark and Founding of Zobie Productions

What really lit that spark in me to create what would become Zobie Productions was when I started to buy memorabilia and collectibles online. I felt a lot of those companies were just focused on selling products and making money without any understanding, so you never knew who was behind the domain, or if they cared.

I realized this business was full of businesses that lacked passion, they lacked honesty, and they also severely lacked any sense of ‘community,’ and what I wanted was a space where collectors and nerds like myself could feel appreciated and whole.

That’s the reason I started Zobie: not only to create a place where you could buy authentic autographs or mail your items to get signed with help from people who cared, but to form a community where anyone was welcome, regardless of what they collected.

That’s why, in 2016, Zobie Productions was officially created by myself and my wife, Jenny. It was, and still is, a family business based out of McKinney, Texas.

The name was created by Jenny, AKA Jen, AKA Wilson. It’s a fusion of our two daughters’ first names, Zoey and Colbie, and it represents everything I stand for as a husband and a father - because the proudest moments in my life was their births.

I wanted the company to show everyone what mattered most to me: family and friends. And I wanted everyone in the community to know they were a part of that.


Zobie’s First Chapter

After Zobie went into business, something we did that became a staple for our brand was mystery boxes, and the first ever created was the Zobie Fright Pack. Except I didn’t want to name it a ‘mystery box,’ because to me, that meant something different.

I always felt that the ‘mystery boxes’ I saw online were just a bunch of random items thrown together with no thought process, no consideration, and done so haphazardly, and they just happened to be shoved into a box. I wanted mine to be a pack of items you would get if you attended at any sort of themed convention - because I felt the core of any good convention event was the artist alley and all the vendors.

We, as a small business, support the artists and the vendors. Without them, there are no comic conventions, or any sort of conventions for that matter.

So, I wanted to bring the feeling and joy you get from attending a convention - except it’s delivered right to your doorstep every month. I believe when someone receives our pack, they get our version of a ‘mystery box,’ except it’s filled to the brim with authentic celebrity autographs and quality collector items you’d purchase at a convention. I believe we’ve reinvented the phrase ‘mystery box’ with our different releases in Animation, Pop Culture, Anime, Horror, and Rassling (AKA Wrestling).

The Zobie Family

The Zobie family has grown a lot since its inception back in 2016, but Wilson has always been the OG supporter for me. I remember coming home from a long day at the office and saying how I hated the item I’d purchased from some company - it was packaged poorly and damaged. She let me vent, and then said, “You care so much about the smallest details. You should record yourself and do videos. Your fandom oozes out of you, and I bet there’s others out there that can relate to you.”

That advice and push in confidence led to me putting myself out there - it also allowed me to just be myself, but with the volume turned up. I then focused on adding people around me that had the same passions and goals. I call them my wolf pack.

Zobie’s Future

Zobie Productions is going to continue focusing on providing the best customer support experience in the collectibles, autograph, and memorabilia world.

We are the one stop shop for any of your collector needs - that’s the goal, and that’s what I push myself to reach every day. With more autograph signings for your favorite actors and actresses, artists, and more from all walks of media, and plenty of new mystery boxes on the horizon, we will continue to innovate and push the envelope.

Are you a collector of signed items or memorabilia? Do you want to start? Then give us a follow on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and come and join the Zobie Collector's Community!

 Thank you!

Jayare Gallegos


Team Zobie