What's Up World!

My name is Jayare Gallegos, President of Zobie Productions, and this is our story.

The Beginning

I believe the root of Zobie really began when I was a teenager. I loved going to local rock concerts and wrestling shows to see my favorite band perform or favorite wrestler battle it out. To me, those people were my heroes. They were the root of my happiness, and laid the seeds for Zobie’s creation.

As I grew up, my Uncle Rick kindled my collecting habits. He was a collector and taught me much of what I know. We would travel around Rio Grande Valley, make trades, sell collectibles, and eat delicious food. What's better? Am I right?

The Vison

The spark that lead me to create Zobie Productions was when I started to buy memorabilia and collectibles. I felt a lot of autograph companies were just focused on making money and didn't really care about the consumer. I realized they lacked passion and a sense of ‘community’. I knew I wanted to build a space where collectors and nerds, like myself, could feel appreciated and whole.

That’s the reason I started Zobie: not only to create a place where you could buy authentic autographs, but to form a community where anyone was welcome, regardless of what they collected.

The Meaning

In 2016, Zobie Productions was officially created by my wife, Jenny and I. We are a family-owned business and still are to this day.

Our company name was created by my wife. It’s a fusion of our two daughters’ first names, Zoey and Colbie, and it represents everything I stand for as a husband and a father - because the proudest moments in my life was their births.

I wanted the company to show everyone what mattered most to me: family and friends. Not only that, but I wanted everyone in our community to know they were a part of that.

I hope this story gives you a little insight on why I created Zobie.